Frequently Asked Questions

What is covered by the 25 year Construction guarantee?

With our recommended design of your new water supply, we offer a 25 year guarantee on the construction of the borehole. As our boreholes are drilled with a slightly larger diameter than most other drilling contractors, this gives a larger annulus around any casings, allowing us to install a larger casing and screen size with the right size gravel pack and grout seals. This gives a longer lasting borehole.
This also leads to a better quality of water, as the water we encounter can not rise in the dry strata, but only inside our WRAS and DWI approved casing.
When pumping water from the borehole, no debris or extra minerals will be brought into the borehole and, subsequently, the borehole pumping equipment. This also allows us to give all our pump installations and filters a 2 year warranty.

If requested, we are able to drill smaller diameter boreholes to be competitive, but will not give the same 25 year guarantee for peace of mind.

Do I need a Licence?

In England and Wales under the Water Act 2003, any borehole or well yielding less than 20 m³ per day (4400 gallons per day) does not require consent to drill and test pump, or to abstract up to that limit.

For intended yields in excess of 20 m³ per day, Clause 32 Consent is required from the local Environment Agency to drill and test pump any borehole. An abstraction licence is also required to pump the borehole after the test pumping is completed.

In Scotland, under the Water Environment (Controlled Activities) (Scotland) Regulations 2005 (CAR), an application to SEPA for authorisation is not required for:

  • the drilling and abstraction from any borehole intended for abstraction of less than 10 m³ a day, intended for the purpose of dewatering.
  • or the abstraction of less than 150 m³ a year where this is for the purpose of test pumping or sampling as this is covered by a general binding rule.
How much does a borehole cost?

There are many factors which decide the cost of the drilling a borehole. This includes:

  • The geology and hydrology of your site.
  • The required amount of water.
  • The depth and size of the borehole drilled.
  • The pumping equipment installed to deliver the water to the surface.

To find out a fixed cost for your borehole then please contact us by email or give Darren a call.

Who owns the water in the UK?

Technically the water is owned by the government. This allows the government to have control over water and it means that no one can dam a river or harvest the water and cause a user downstream to have no water. However since 2005, water abstractions have been significantly deregulated meaning that anyone who owns land in the UK can abstract water from a borehole or well for their own use, without a licence, as long they do not abstract greater than 20m³ per day. Abstraction greater than 20m³ a day will require a licence from the Environment Agency.

What is an Artesian borehole or well?

An artesian water borehole or well is simply one that does not require any pumping equipment to bring the water to the surface. The pressure in the groundwater forces the water to the surface without any assistance.

How deep should my borehole be?

Every borehole is different; it depends on where you are in the UK and can even vary between neighbours. An average borehole is approximately 60m deep, but others may be significantly deeper or shallower. D Hughes Well Drillers will make sure your borehole is drilled deep enough to get the best possible supply available.

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