Domestic Boreholes

Any domestic property can benefit from having its own water supply. For a variety of uses including providing drinking water, for garden irrigation and geothermal heating.

Whether your spring supply has dried up, you’re building a new home, or simply wish to reduce your water bills. Your own borehole will provide flow and pressure greater than that of a mains water supply, not to mention providing a better quality of water.

Each property is permitted to drill a borehole and extract up to 20,000 litres of water per day. That’s 20 tonnes of water without the need of a licence from the Environment Agency.

D Hughes Well drillers will guide you through every step of the processes starting with a free study and site visit. We will then provide your fixed price quotation. We pride ourselves on providing the personal, high-quality service that every client should expect throughout the drilling of your borehole and the installation of the appropriate pumping equipment to meet your needs.

Every site has its own specific requirements and geology due to its location. Following a site-specific hydro-logical and geological desktop study, your quotation will outline every aspect of the work. This will also include the cost of obtaining your own private water supply.


Every borehole is constructed to a very high specification, above the Environment Agency’s guidelines. This allows us to give a 25 year warranty on the construction of your borehole.

Every borehole is test pumped and cleaned out after drilling, before installing you’re pumping equipment. All pumping equipment comes with a two year warranty.

Following the completion of your borehole and installation of the pumping equipment, a water sample is taken and sent to an independent UKAS accredited laboratory to be tested to the current drinking water standards. If required, DHW will supply and install the necessary filtration in order to meet the current drinking water standards. We will also carry out servicing of the whole water system, keeping your water flowing and giving you peace of mind knowing that your water supply is in safe hands.