Borehole Remediation

As is the case with all boreholes, water may degrade in either quality or quantity after some time hence the need for borehole remediation.

At D.H W we understand the importance of a safe and reliable water supply. Whether it’s to your home, farm or business. We can also carry out rehabilitation and remediation to improve your borehole yield.

Our engineers will arrange a site visit to inspect and test your borehole. We will complete tests on your pumping equipment to evaluate the yield and the pressure that your system is producing. Samples will then be taken and analysed. Following analysis of these results we are then able to advise the best course of action as well as the most economical way to get your supply back to its optimum performance.

Why is this important?

One of the most common causes of a reduction in quantity of water is that your borehole pumping equipment may be either tired or worn. This reduces the flow and pressure and increases pumping costs. We carry a large stock of borehole pumps and pressure vessels, along with other ancillary equipment.

At D.H W, we always aim to have you back on line the same day. Unless of course your pumping equipment has to be ordered. In which case we will install one of our many test pumps until your new pump arrives.


In some instances, your actual borehole my not be producing the amount of water it has always done. This could be down to a buildup of mineral deposits such as iron, or even a bacterial problem. Our engineers can treat your borehole chemically or mechanically to bring new life back to your borehole.

Some older boreholes may not meet updated specification and standards set out by the DWI. We can carry out all the necessary works to bring your borehole back in line with new legislation, including new head works or relining of the borehole, and the installation of full filtration systems where necessary. On some occasions, the drilling of a new borehole may be required and may be more cost effective.

Whatever your problem, D.H W will get you borehole pumping again as quickly and cost effectively as possible, ensuring that you are provided with the highest quality water supply.