Portable  Borehole Camera

D Hughes Well Drillers can carry out a visual inspection of your borehole or well. From trouble shooting, to periodic inspections and maintenance needs, or to recover lost equipment from your borehole.

If you believe your borehole is having problems then a borehole CCTV cameras survey can determine the cause of the problem.  Whether it’s a sand or yield problem, corrosion, deterioration or mineral deposits, we will identify the cause. With a CCTV survey we can assess the cause of the problem and recommend the best cause of action.

We can also provide a programme of preventative maintenance or remedial works. This along with a permanent record of the condition of the borehole.

Our CCTV system uses the latest technology. With a colour video inspection  system and two cameras in a single unit giving a down view and a 360 rotating side view. An inspection can be carried out on boreholes up to a depth of 300m.

We also have the added ability to take still images of any problem areas. Using a state-of the art system that records the survey footage to both internal storage and to an external USB flash drive.

The equipment is completely portable and self contained. This enables us to carry out a thorough inspection of even the most remote wells and boreholes.


Borehole Camera Unit

Portable Camera Unit

Borehole Camera Lens